Howto use Fortis' (FBL's) Webbanking

Fortisbanque's webbanking again works with free browsers. However, the login page still has a browser check, letting only bank-approved browsers in. Once this check is circumvented, there are no further stumbling blocks. This page describes how to circumvent or satisfy this check, using 3 methods: Access by browsers other than Internet Explorer to web banking is important, not only for convenience reasons, but also for security reasons. Indeed, there are two Internet Explorer Viruses that are known to specifically target BGL (Fortis, FBL) Web banking: The list of web sites targeted by those Internet Explorer viruses can be browsed by clicking on the Advanced tab in the small toolbar in the Sophos description of the virus.

Konqueror disguised as Internet Explorer

In order to use this solutions, click on Settings->Configure Konqueror, then on "Browser Identification" (the third last icon from the list at the left hand). Add a mapping from to any variant of Internet Explorer that is more recent than 5.5

From there on, you may connect normally to Fortis' web banking (start at, then chose Webbanking)

This solution has 2 drawbacks however:

  1. You appear as Internet Exploder in the logs of Fortisbanque's web server, thereby confirming the "powers that be" in their mistaken belief that there are no other browsers
  2. Display is buggy: information windows and forms are restricted to a small area of just 3 lines high, and you have to scroll to see everything.

Since recently, Firefox is being allowed by this browsercheck. So, you could disguise your Konqueror as Firefox instead! Firefox however is not yet included in the list proposed by konqueror, but a little bit of config file editing fixes this. Chose any other browser (such as Lynx), and then quit konqueror and edit the ~/.kde/share/config/kio_httprc file to replace Lynx by any string containing Firefox/1:

UserAgent=Firefox/1.0 really Konqueror

Konqueror as himself

You can use konqueror declared as himself by downloading the webbanking login page from and patching it locally. The changes below have two purposes: Concretely, the following changes are necessary: User comfort (or lack thereof...) is as for solution 1 (very small information and form windows), however, with this solution, your konqueror shows correctly in the statistics.


Firefox is now allowed "officially"; since early December 2004, the firefoxGo variable has been set to true.

This means that you can now do your web banking using Firefox without any trickery whatsoever.


Solution 3 (firefox) is both the easyest to use (if you've already got Firefox installed) and the most appealing to the eye (no obvious display bugs).
Alain Knaff
Last modified: Sun Dec 1 19:42:23 CET 2013