Stop ISO corruption

In April 2008, OOXML became an ISO standard despite many irregularities in the voting process, including: Despite these glaring irregularities, the following people thought it necessary to sign a petition supporting this corrupt process:
 Makoto Murata
 Sam Gyun Oh
 G. Ken Holman
 Garth Mackway-Wilson
 Grantham Daniels
 Bob Jolliffe
 Anneli Hagdahl
 Jirka Kosek
 Mario Wendt
 Alex Brown
 Francis Cave
 Patrick Durusau
 Dave Welsh
 Toshiko Kimura
 Lars Marius Garshol
 Masanori Kusunoki
 Kimmo Bergius
 Juha Vartiainen
 Manu Setälä
 Rex Jaeschke on behalf of Ecma TC 45 members
 Shahzad Rana
 Dave Welsh
 Jasper Hedegaard Bojsen
 Grantham Daniels
 Harald Alvestrand
 Jens Mikael Jensen
 Martin Bryan
 Rick Jelliffe
 Keld Simonsen
 Thomas Flemming
So, if you have to deal with any of these, you've been warned. Corrupt people not only harm the public good, but also the company that employs them: So, if any of the above applies for a job in your company, be careful.