I hate SCO (a.k.a. Canopy Group, a.k.a. Caldera)

While cleaning up I happened accross an old Caldera Linux CD. For those of you who don't know, Caldera is the former name of the company now known as SCO.

I felt that just throwing that piece of plastic into the thrash was not appropriate punishment enough...

A friend of mine had told me that CD Roms easily shatter into millions of tiny shards when squeezed between top and bottom...

Nope, this specimen was unfortunately quite flexible :-( . Or, as we say in Luxembourgish "Onkršut vergeht nŽt!"

Ok, next try: The Microwave oven. Sorry for the poor lighting conditions... but here is the final result. Yep, the nuker did him!


Hmm, but maybe the nuker sufficiently weakened the CD to make the first experiment succeed? Let's try it again. Yeah, not exactly a million shards either... but at least now nobody will ever install it ;-)